Popular Kinds of Display Advertising

You have a plethora of choices when it comes to online advertising. But, selecting the most appropriate one is a crucial task. By reading this article you will get to know about the various opportunities that you should consider for showing your products and services in the online market. Some of the popular digital advertising options are-

  • Displaying advertisements
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Video Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media

Why do you need a responsive website?

In the recent times, mobile gadgets are not only gaining prominence but are also becoming the prime source for people to surf web as well as make purchases. With the increasing use of mobile phones, website owners are feeling the need for adopting responsive website designing. Responsive web design allows your website to function well on every device, no matter the size. You should opt for Responsive website design Chennai who employ professional who specialize in website developing. By doing so, customers around the globe will be able to access your website easily whether they are operating from their computers or cell phones.

Various categories of online advertising

Displaying advertisement is a famous online marketing facility that most business opt for in order to represent their brands and products. Such ads are different from the other advertisements because they do not appear in the search engine results. It is a popular practice where web developers design advertisements on hoardings, banners, popup or landing webpages. You can also display your ads on different articles or blogs to grab user’s attention when they visit those sites. Thus, when you combine together with remarketing, your ads will be more successful in reaching the crowd.

Search engine on the other hand offers two different kinds of online promoting. Making your ads optimized will help your website appear in the all important search list which will enable users to visit your site and get to know about the products and services that you provide. For Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you need to pay for displaying your ads only when a user clicks on it. You do not have to pay the site the full payment for real advertising. It helps businesses to know the number of customers who are interested in their products. You can also opt for Search engine Optimization (SEO) for advertising your brand. To secure a higher position in the search results, you need to adapt some SEO strategies. Such tips include definite keywords, linking, proper description and providing relevant content that connect with most of the sites.

Social media is another effective platform where you can display the company’s advertisements. There is no doubt that with time the number of social media users is increasing rapidly due to which the budget of social media advertisements has doubled in the current era. Social media offers two types of advertisements- paid ads and organic or free ads. You can display paid advertisements, stories of various sponsors and effective posts in websites to reach the demographic of the business without having to spend huge amounts. Advertisers mostly choose social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to reach potential customers throughout the world.



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  1. Hrithik | | Reply

    There are different options in online advertising. It is challenging to select one or two methods that works for your business. Top marketing companies keep trying various marketing methods and finalize one or two that works effectively. SEO and PPC always remains as a popular option for many.

  2. Aakil | | Reply

    If you are having a website and thinking to promote your business online, you should definitely consider online marketing. You have lot of options like SEO, PPC, social media, remarketing, display ads, and video ads. In recent days, display ads are highly popular.

  3. Akshaya | | Reply

    I would always prefer display ads since it has helped me to bring my potential customers to my website. Most people do not purchase at first visit of the website. By implementing display ads, it motivates the visitor to shop and remain as a potential client to that specific product.

  4. Praveena | | Reply

    Instead of focusing on PPC, it is best to invest on display ads. It remains as an effective marketing strategy. It usually focuses people with particular characteristics and traits to enhance the chances of ad conversions and clicks. It is not like the regular text ads.

  5. Malavika | | Reply

    It is recommended to try all the online marketing options to find out the right marketing method that works for your business. If you have not tried display ads or remarketing, it should be definitely explored before deciding the one that is best for your business.

  6. Heidi | | Reply

    I was badly in need of help to promote my online business. I was looking for resources to choose the right online advertising strategy so that my business reaches across the globe. The above post on the various types of online advertising is an eye-opener for me.

  7. Revathy | | Reply

    It is not easy to choose the right online advertising type for promoting your business. The above post would be of great help for online business owners or people who run e-commerce websites. Choose the right online advertising strategy based on the input shared above.

  8. Ahmad | | Reply

    Display advertising is a great digital marketing strategy when online business owners wanted to grab the attention of visitors. Web designers would also help in publishing the display ads in websites, blogs in the form of banners, hoardings etc. I feel pop-up digital ads would annoy the visitors.

  9. Raana | | Reply

    Really an informative post. The idea of combining remarketing with display seems to be effective. Should try out the other online advertising options mentioned above. Hope online advertising listed above would help to promote my online business and reach people who never knew about my business.

  10. Mehal | | Reply

    I came to know that SEO is one type of online advertising and this would help in promoting any e-commerce website. I understood the importance of optimizing the business website based on SEO strategies from the above post. Hope it can help to rank my e-commerce website better in the search engine results.

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