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Display advertising is a marketing strategy which is one of the forms of display advertising. Display advertising mainly helps in promoting your business and to target the potential customers. Before designing display ads, you have to know about the types of display ads. You have to decide on the type of display advertising that you’re about to implement for your business. Choose a display advertising type based on the nature of your business and the one which suits your business.

The following are some of the display advertising types that you should know about.
This is the most common type of display advertising which is powerful and effective in achieving its purpose. This type of display advertising can connect your business with the past visitors to your website. The result of this type of display advertising is mostly successful and can improve your business to a greater extent.

Target Website Placement
This type of display advertising lets you choose the target website where you can place the display ads. E.g., when you sell sports equipment, then you can put the display ads for sports equipment on the sites related to sports. This would help to reach the potential customers who are interested in buying sports equipment. This display advertising type is the safest and effective display advertising option.

Target By Interest
This type of display advertisement target people based on their interest. Google tracks the interests and the activities of a user and makes use of this information to target the display ads to the right users. E.g., when a person is looking for car related info in Google, then the search engine makes sure that the person is about to buy a car. So it targets the sites visited by the person with the display ads related to cars. Google also analyzes the overall interest of a person by knowing about their profile, their passion, interest, etc.

Contextual Targeting
The use of keywords to find the relevant websites for placing the display ads is called contextual targeting. This type of display advertising is cost effective and saves a lot of money. It is highly effective as the display ads are placed based on the keywords.

Topic Targeting
This type of display advertising places the display ads based on a particular topic. Google does the job of choosing the web page based on a specific topic and displays the display ad in it.

Native Advertising
You could find native advertising a type of display ads on Facebook posts or other social media platforms. This type of display advertising can help to reach large people. There are several forms of native advertising.

Email Marketing
This is a fastest display advertising marketing type that is widely used. It is useful and cost-effective and can promote your business to a greater extent. You must require the list of email addresses of potential customers for email marketing. Make sure that your email message is concise and catchy so that it gets the attention of the viewers.

The knowledge of the various types of display advertising would help you to choose the right one based on your business.

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