Tips To Click Through Emails Fast For Free Ads

Advertisement Frequently network marketing newcomers are restricted in advertising budget. One means to obtain free ads is by employing list builders who give out credits toward placing ads in exchange for getting and reading their advertising emails. Opening and reading sufficient emails to get substantial credit takes time. One such popular list builder is List Joe. I evolved a method to do this with speed. This is for Gmail, and Firefox. Im not certain how this will behave in other programs, but the ideas will be the same.Get a membership List Joe at They will offer you an upgrade to paid for $197. If you do that, then this will be unnecessary. Non-paying members only will use this system.My List Joe System

1) Create a List Joe Filter inside your Gmail, and also make a Label called ListJoe, for capturing each of your List Joe emails. (Gmail Help can tell you how) Emails ads start arriving right away after you confirm your subscription. Let one hundred or so collect.

2) Close all other tabs in the browser.

3) Mute your speakers – some ads have music or voice tracks, and you will have a lot open at the same time.

4) Open your ListJoe label(folder) and put your cursor anywhere the list of email titles. Its not important which one you open, so just click anywhere on the list. When the email opens, click about half way down the page inside the right side scroll bar, and locate the link that says credit. As an example, it will contain something like this segment:Click This Link To Earn;=pRo9q5lf9mMnnqQP7JmN2exDH(Find and save your weekly List Joe time-to-send-an-ad notice, so you don?t delete it.)5) Usually it takes 1 or 2 clicks to get down to where the Credits link is in the email; now click on it. This opens a new browser window. Ignore it.

Return to Gmail by clicking on your Gmail tab. The same List Joe email has remained open at the same place.6) Return to the top of the email by clicking in the top of the right scroll bar. It takes the same amount of clicks it took you to scroll down. Click on ?Delete.? To earn credits, each ad must run for 20 seconds, so save time by opening lots simultaneously.7) Now open the next one. Duplicate the process until at least 10 browser windows open with ads, deleting each used email before opening the next one.8) By this time the 20 seconds has expired on the first ads. From the right, one by one, right to left, click the X on the tab of the ad window and close each ad. When all are gone, start the process over again.

Your store credits will show in the last ad you close.Try to do 500 credits at a time, which can be completed in about 10 minutes. Just open, click, delete, open, click, delete, and so on. You will get really fast at this. Sometimes an ad will capture your notice; this shows you how to get attention for your own ads through List Joe. You get one ad every week with a free subscription; you receive a notice when its time to post. If you do this several times a week you will collect a good number of credits.

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