Trending Signage Designs For 2020 And Beyond

Mockup of Digital Signage For Digital Advertisement In A Shopping Mall.

Signage Trends: An inevitable change

Change is the only thing that is constant. When it comes to the signage industry, trends tend to change with customer demand, emerging marketing techniques and tools, and the constant need to stay ahead of competitors. A big reason for changing trends in signage can be attributed to technological advancements that are reshaping the way businesses operate. To top it all, we are living in an era that is largely driven by user experience where businesses have to strive extra hard to deliver those Insta-worthy moments!

So, what has changed for the signage industry in 2020? Our compilation of the year’s trending signage styles and designs will give you an idea of what to expect if you are a leading sign board manufacturer.

7 signage trends of 2020

1.Interactive digital signage

Digital signage is all about creatively expressing the brand message in the most trendiest manner that is apt for the current generation. Although digital signage has been trending for quite a few years, it is still very much out of reach for many businesses. To invest in digital signage, you must have a sound marketing strategy that will generate a high ROI.

2.Biophilic designs

Biophilic displays are sign boards that are an expression of the environmentally-conscious designer. The idea is to incorporate natural light and natural materials into the signage. Biophilic sign board materials include bamboo leaves, woodgrain laminates, and clear PETGs.

An Image Representing The Biophilic Design - Green Wall

3.Vinyl sign boards

Vinyl sign boards continue to be a craze ever since their time of inception. The demand for these affordable and effective advertising signs will continue to be a signage trend beyond 2020. There are several reasons why Vinyl signage always wins. The investment is small, but the impact is big. It can also be manufactured in any size and shape and used indoors or outdoors.

The success rate of a vinyl sign board depends largely on where it is placed. Placing them at vantage spots where you get maximum exposure will surely win the attention of the crowds.

4.Mesh sign boards

Mesh banners make for great sign boards in places where people depend on fences, and outdoor locations to fix their boards. They are ideal for harsh weather conditions because they are made with light fabrics made of small holes that are coated with water and heatproof materials.

5.Sustainable sign boards

Sustainability is the big buzzword of the day. Today’s business enterprises are expected to be environmentally responsible. Small changes can make a big difference. Many companies have adopted the latest trend of using LED signage. Some companies prefer accentuating their sign boards with LED lights that are more energy-efficient. Use of aluminium is also a clever choice because it is the most environmentally friendly and recyclable material.

6.Acrylic sign boards

Despite the advent of tech-savvy digital boards, acrylic sign boards are very much a part of the trend list for 2020. Its resilience, flexibility, visibility and smooth finish attribute to its demand by big and small businesses alike. What most people like about acrylic signage is their quality to give any sign board design a clean and sophisticated look.

An Image of 3D Signage For Exceptional Quality To Make Anything Stand Apart From The Crowd.

7.3D signage

3D has the exceptional quality to make anything stand apart from the crowd. The fascination for 3-dimensional signage makes it a perpetual trend that is incorporated in huge sign boards and even small name plaques. 3D sign boards in Chennai are possible with most materials, be it acrylic, metal, wood and plastic.

What drives the trends of the signage industry?

Check Out – Here about the current and future trends of Digital Signage MarketThe once-static signage styles witnessed a pivotal change in the trends when businesses realized the true potential of a well-designed sign board. Outdoor signage offers multiple benefits for companies that want to covet their target audience with an unforgettable user experience. Another major factor is the price point. Digital signage may be in vogue for a long, long time. But it cannot completely replace cheaper options like vinyl, mesh and acrylic. Furthermore, the customer’s choice will also make or break rising trends. A signage design that draws the attention of the target audience has the potential to become a big hit or a craze that might last for years. The change in trends also indicates that the signage industry is evolving at a fast pace.

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