Display Ads vs. Search Ads

There are many online channels for advertising your website or products. However, it is essential to choose the right channel to achieve the desired effects. Choosing the channel could be highly detrimental to your business. Display advertisement and search advertisement are the two popular channels that are used by many e-commerce businesses. You should choose a marketing campaign by considering various factors. In this article, we will help you decide which one will work best for your business.

Display Advertising

This is the type of advertising often appears on the website that you visit on your browser. In this ad, you can find information about the product that is offered for sale. However, you could see the same ad is displayed in the social media feeds. This is because the advertisement tracks the viewer’s activities to show the right ads.


Display advertisement can help to create brand awareness of the businesses. For example, if a person is looking for a website that contains info about a soccer game, then display ad can put up an advertisement of soccer accessories. In this way, display advertisement helps to create brand awareness for any online business.


Some or many times, the visitors of your website have not purchased any products. In such case, the display advertisement makes them come back to your website through retargeting. Display ads are very effective that it will increase the brand recall of your products or business, thereby increasing the chances of converting your visitors.

High Volume

One of the significant advantages of display advertisement is that it can display your ad to the right or targeted audience with better visibility. This type of ad can be displayed to the people, who haven’t heard about your product or services before.

Search Advertising

Also called Pay-Per-Click advertising, search advertising is one of the low-budget online marketing strategies to target the right audience. This type of ads is displayed on the sides of the search engine result page. For example, if you are running an online mobile store, then PPC campaign can show your ad on the search engine page, if anyone searches for the keyword “mobile phone”. In this way, the PPC ads can easily reach the target audience.


With a PPC campaign, you can improve the traffic to your website and experience a higher level of conversions. This is because the visitors of the website, through PPC campaign, are more likely to be your target audience and hence you can experience high conversion rate.

Measurable Data

It is easy to measure the success of your PPC campaign using the tool provided by the search engines. Using this tool, you will be able to see the number of clicks by date, demography, gender, etc. The measurable data will help you know the areas that require improvement.

Budget Friendly

As said earlier, PPC campaign is a low budget online marketing campaign, where you have to pay for the number of clicks made by the visitors. If no one clicks your ad, then you will end up paying less money.

By considering the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of a marketing campaign, you may choose the right one for your online business.

Intldisplayads Team

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  1. Bindhu | | Reply

    When you are beginning a campaign, it is hard to find out which advertisement would work out. Based upon factors like search engine, budget, and main goal of advertisement, you can consider which to select. It is also best to make use of both platforms.

  2. Varun | | Reply

    ROI is the most important thing to consider when thinking to select any of these advertisement strategies. Certain ads would not offer the expected ROI and it does not offer results to your business. It is therefore important to check with your competitors and partners before planning.

  3. Aamir | | Reply

    There are both pros and cons in both display advertising and search advertising. When you wish to compete with other brands, search advertising is the recommended option. Display advertisement helps people to take instant action by following the visitors whenever they browse.

  4. Uma | | Reply

    If you are sure about your goals about your marketing, you can easily decide which one to choose. Display ads are excellent option when you want to keep reminding your brand to potential customers and motivate to take action. When you want to maintain a top position, search ads are best.

  5. Anandh | | Reply

    Though you are selecting display ads or search ads, these outbound marketing techniques should support inbound marketing techniques. It should not be in the opposite direction. To follow best inbound practices, keep customers in mind. This way, you can take right action.

  6. Mala | | Reply

    It is true that one has to choose the right platform for advertising about their business. Thanks for letting me know about display advertising and search advertising. I was in search of a cost-effective advertising strategy for promoting my online business. Hope the above post would help me.

  7. Hishanth | | Reply

    I am running an e-commerce website and very much wanted to increase the traffic for the site. As recommended in the above post should try out search advertising strategy and check out if it can improve the traffic. Hope this advertising strategy improves the conversion rate.

  8. Abdul | | Reply

    Online business mainly depends on PPC campaign for promoting their business. It is highly popular as it is budget friendly and offers various benefits. It is also easy for the online business to target potential customers. The above post offers some additional information on PPC campaign.

  9. Mahi | | Reply

    Really an informative post for people who are confused about choosing the right marketing campaign for online businesses. The post talks in detail about the two marketing campaign strategies and lists its benefits. You have to choose the right one based on your business goal and requirements.

  10. Ihit | | Reply

    I made use of display advertising for promoting my online business. It works great in creating brand awareness of my business. It helped to reach out to the people who never knew about my business. It helped me to convert visitors into customers. It is good to know about this advertising strategy

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