Display Ads formats and tricks that will pump your sales almost instantly!

The display advertising strategy is the combination of various ad types. It utilizes several sizes and formats to increase the potential frequency and reach of the ads that have been witnessed by your potential audience. The majority of campaigns would have a mixture of images, texts,and media banner ads along with video ads. It is present in various sizes and shapes in the mixture of each that helps in gaining performance.

Methods and Benefits of Display Ads : 

One of the Leading POS software companies, Wondersoft shares about the benefits of display ads and various methods (both offline and online) of incorporating into business.

POS Display
It is boring to stand in a queue at the checkout counter. It can be made interesting and attractive by enhancing the chances of a sale. It is possible by the POS displays that could be placed near the counter. Automatically, the attention of the customers would fall on the display ads that are near the counter. It is possible to make POS display impressive and attractive by using visually stimulating stat figures and signage in form of display boards. In a recent study, it has been proved that majority of people make 80% of their purchasing decisions while they are at store. It is a simple trick to create an appealing display. The trick behind it is installing handsome and colorful display shelves. It can prompt the customers to purchase.

Text Ads
Display text ads involve using lines of advertisement text. It is almost like the paid search ads which you have seen on the search engine result page. It is possible to create impressive messages with increase click on rates and dynamic marketing by utilizing dynamic keyword insertion.

Image Ads
Image ads help in capturing the attention of the people when they browse websites. It makes them visit your website utilizing a mixture of text and graphics. Several networks have thousands of apps and sites which the image would be displayed. The image ads are static and even contain moving elements that help in highlighting your message.

Video Ads
It is possible to place video ads on the website and various other places all over the web. One of the popular platforms where you can display video ads is YouTube. It is not like television. The video ads do not need to be short. It can tell a story, share experience and even review a product. It helps the customers to remain engaged completely.

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  1. Sruthi | | Reply

    POS display is my all time favorite display ad option. This type of ad easily grabs the attention and prompts the customer to take positive action. POS display ads give greater ROI than most other offline display ad. Well written article!

  2. Jaladi | | Reply

    It is nice to know the different types of display advertisement and their advantages. Can you tell me which one is highly cost-effective and offer better ROI? Can the author tell me about other display advertisement strategies? Thanks in advance.

  3. Binay | | Reply

    This article clearly explains the benefits of different formats display advertisement. I am a big fan of PPC as it has helped my online business to get more visitors. I think each business owner should figure out which type of display ad format works great for their business.

  4. Marq | | Reply

    Off late, Instagram has become a great platform for promoting through short video. I have seen all my videos getting more visitors and traffic through Instagram than the Facebook and Twitter. I have shot many videos with my mobile camera.

  5. Reema | | Reply

    It is recommended to use high resolution signage or TV for all the video display ads in public area. Using high quality screen is must to achieve the desired results. Small businesses can rent the TV screen at a very nominal price.

  6. Swathi | | Reply

    Thanks for sharing an informative post. I came to know about the display advertising strategy and its benefits in boosting the sale of any business from the above post. I must explore the various types of display advertising to promote my business and improve sales.

  7. Victor | | Reply

    I have noticed POS display ads in a retail shop in my locality. It is true that it grabs the attention of people when they wait in the billing counter. Thanks for sharing the other types of display ads for boosting sales.

  8. Fareed | | Reply

    The post gave me a detailed insight about the benefits of display ads. Thanks for your timely post as I was looking for strategies to boost the sale of my newly established business. Hope display ads would help to reach the right customers.

  9. Mark | | Reply

    I have come across several image ads on various websites. My web designer also insisted on the use of image ads for attracting customers as mentioned above. The post talks about the importance of image ads and other types of digital advertisements. Thanks for your informative post.

  10. Tanay | | Reply

    The above post has influenced to make use of a POS display ad for promoting my business. Hope I can attract customers who come for shopping. I feel POS display ads would help to reach people easily. Thanks for helping me to choose the right type of display ads.

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