How to develop your spa business with display ads

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What comes to your mind when you read ‘display advertising?’ It actually refers to as banner ads which reached while browsing sites across the internet with limited audience targeting options.

Bring visitors to your website with retargeting

Display ads have developed in a great way in the recent years and it is has expanded in audience targeting abilities. The devices and sites that show ads maintain better user experience and functionality. The marketers have sufficient opportunities to serve local customers through various kinds of display advertising strategies. For instance, if you are running a successful salon and spa business for several years and wish to promote your product on the internet through your website, you can make use of display ads. Mr. Kamal of Riverday Spa,a Leading Saloon and Spa In Chennai, shares with us how creative Display Ads can benefit your sales.

  • Retargeting is completely not the same as traditional display advertising methods except the way it targets the audience. In display advertising technique, you need to target a group of audience with the help of banner ads that are targeting people who have visited your website.
  • The main goal for retargeting is your ads could reach audience who have already seen your website. So, there are more chances for them to take an action such as returning to your website instead of visiting other website which they are not heard or familiar about.
  • Retargeting is the best option to improve return on investment from other marketing methods such as SEO and search advertising which you can make visitors come back to your website.If a person has visited your website for bridal services and has left without contact or approaching you, then through display ads, it reminds them of visiting your website again for the same services.
  • This way, there is no chance for the person to approach your competitor since they have already know about your business.

 Display Ad for a Spa Centre with image and text in off white and pink colour combination.Enhance mobile engagement through In-AppAds

Have you heard about in-app ads? Display advertising always functions effectively on the mobile apps in form of In-AppAds. As people spend most of their time on mobile phones, it is best to promote your business through apps in the smartphone. The In-App ads have various features which benefit the local businesses. The ads will be displayed only to potential customers who are living in that geographical location. When a person watches your salon business adon their mobile phone, they will get an idea about the location, click to call options and also gift coupons.



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